Top 3 Home Buying Tips For 2018.


For home buying the first thing you need is getting pre-approved for a loan. It's a very simple process, as long as you have your paper works ready, last salary slips and your bank statements, and bring them to your bank or to your lender.

Number two, size doesn't matter. Some people get really excited because they feel like they need to have the biggest and best home. The biggest, best home may not be the best investment. Over time, those larger homes, per square feet, actually get less per square feet as far as money's concerned. So the bigger doesn't always mean better.

My third tip is this, don't have shiny new toy syndrome. What I mean by this is that when people go into a house, sometimes they'll stretch their budget a little bit further than they want to, just because they fall in love with the shiny new toy.


The granite counter tops, the custom-made cabinetry, the all-new modern appliances. They'll go beyond their means, just to make sure they have the newest, latest, greatest. It's better to stay within budget. Be prepared for other costs. A lot of times, they do not factor in the fact that you are going to have your property taxes and other closing costs that may not be disclosed. And lastly, you want to get a home inspection.  The house may be new, but you really should have that house inspected. Even new home builds, that have to passcodes, miss things. Your home inspector looks out for your best interests. So make sure you hire a professional home inspector. 

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